Mother Says Letby Tried to Harm Her Baby Son in Act of Revenge

Mother Says Letby Tried to Harm Her Baby SonMother Says Letby Tried to Harm Her Baby Son

In a shocking turn of events, a mother has come forward with fears that child murderer Lucy Letby attempted to harm her newborn baby as an act of revenge, merely a day after she had lodged a complaint about the nurse. The chilling incident sheds light on the disturbing actions that unfolded within a hospital neonatal unit, leading to the conviction of Lucy Letby for the murder of seven babies and the attempted murder of six others. This article delves into the harrowing details of the case, revealing the depths of Letby’s sinister motives and the mother’s unsettling experience.

An Inappropriate Comment Sparks Concern

The ordeal began when Lynsey Artell, herself a nurse at the hospital, confronted hospital staff after Letby made an “inappropriate” comment about her premature son, Asa. Ms. Artell was discussing her baby’s progress on the neonatal unit when Letby, who had been eavesdropping, uttered a disconcerting statement: “I don’t like parents getting their hopes up because we never know what could happen at this stage.”

A Justified Complaint

Disturbed by Letby’s insensitive comment, Ms. Artell took action and complained to senior staff on the ward. It was an act borne out of genuine concern for her baby’s well-being and the need to address such behavior among healthcare professionals.

Revenge Takes a Disturbing Turn

The events took a chilling turn the following day. As Ms. Artell left her two-day-old son’s bedside to grab a coffee, she returned to find medical staff huddled around her baby, drawing screens for privacy. To her horror, Asa had experienced a massive spike in insulin levels, necessitating urgent medical intervention.

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Unmasking the Dark Deeds

During Letby’s trial at Manchester Crown Court, shocking revelations emerged about her modus operandi. She employed various methods, including poisoning babies with insulin, to bring about their harm. The heart-wrenching reality of her actions left the court and the public in utter disbelief.

Mother Says Letby Tried to Harm Her Baby Son in Act of Revenge, Lucy Letby trial

The Weight of Inappropriateness

In an interview with Sky News, Ms. Artell expressed her fury at Letby’s comment, particularly given her own experience as a nurse and a mother. She emphasized the need for Letby to comprehend the gravity of her words, especially in a setting as sensitive as a neonatal unit.

The Cloud of Fear

Ms. Artell’s complaint against Letby exposed the undercurrent of fear that gripped the hospital. Colleagues would speculate, especially during medical emergencies, whether Letby was on duty. The question, “I wonder if Lucy’s working tonight?” became a chilling refrain, revealing the deep-seated unease surrounding her presence.

Seeking Answers, Seeking Justice

Despite baby Asa’s recovery and discharge from the hospital, Ms. Artell remained haunted by unanswered questions. The sudden spike in insulin levels without warning remained an enigma, leaving her in search of an explanation that never seemed to materialize.

Mother Says Letby Tried to Harm Her Baby Son in Act of Revenge, Lucy Letby trial

The Failed Attempts at Justice

Even after Letby’s arrest, Ms. Artell’s pursuit of justice faced hurdles. She contacted the police, who investigated twice but failed to bring any charges against Letby. The repeated lack of action only deepened her distress and frustration.

A Mother’s Fears Realized

Ms. Artell’s fears that her complaint could have driven Letby to harm her son as an act of revenge were not unwarranted. The chilling possibility that Letby’s sinister actions might have been motivated by the mother’s actions underscores the depths of darkness that can emerge from seemingly innocuous situations.

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The harrowing tale of Lucy Letby’s actions and Lynsey Artell’s agonizing experience serves as a grim reminder of the complexities and vulnerabilities within the healthcare system. This incident underscores the need for vigilance, empathy, and the unwavering pursuit of justice to ensure the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable members of our society.


1. What were the charges against Lucy Letby?

Lucy Letby faced charges of murdering seven babies and attempting to kill six others at a hospital neonatal unit.

2. How did the hospital staff react to Letby’s inappropriate comment?

Lynsey Artell, herself a nurse at the hospital, complained to senior staff about Letby’s comment, prompting further action.

3. Were there any indications of Letby’s intentions before her actions were revealed?

Colleagues often speculated about Letby’s presence during medical emergencies, revealing a sense of unease surrounding her.

4. How did the hospital respond to the spike in insulin levels in Lynsey Artell’s baby?

Medical staff provided urgent treatment to stabilize the baby’s condition, eventually leading to his recovery and discharge.

5. What lessons can be drawn from this unsettling incident?

The incident highlights the importance of addressing inappropriate behavior among healthcare professionals and the need for ongoing vigilance to ensure the safety of vulnerable patients.

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