Burner Phones, Pizza Crust, and DNA on Burlap: Architect Charged in Gilgo Beach Serial Killings Cold Case

Gilgo Beach murdersGilgo Beach murders

The sleepy town of Gilgo Beach in suburban Long Island was haunted by a chilling mystery for over a decade. The case involved a series of brutal killings that left authorities puzzled and residents fearful. However, there has been a major breakthrough in the investigation as a New York architect, Rex Heuermann, has been charged with murder in connection to the infamous Gilgo Beach serial killings.

The Gilgo Four and a Decade-Long Enigma

The Suffolk County District Attorney has revealed that Rex Heuermann, who vehemently denies the allegations, has been apprehended in relation to the slayings of three women, collectively known as the “Gilgo Four.” This enduring case, which remained unresolved for numerous years, entailed the unearthing of at least 10 sets of human remains since 2010.

Gilgo Beach Serial Killing

The advancement in the investigation was accomplished through the utilization of mobile phone data, credit card records, and DNA analysis. These crucial pieces of evidence ultimately prompted the authorities to apprehend Rex Heuermann, a 59-year-old architect. He now faces charges of premeditated murder and secondary murder for each of the three homicides – specifically, the lamentable demises of Melissa Barthelemy in 2009, Megan Waterman in 2010, and Amber Costello in 2010.

A Prime Suspect and an Ongoing Investigation

The indictment further unveiled that Heuermann is regarded as the primary individual of interest in the vanishing and demise of Maureen Brainard-Barnes in 2007. While no precise accusations have been brought forth against him in relation to this specific slaying, the ongoing inquiry into her case is projected to conclude soon, as mentioned in the bail application.

Gilgo Beach

For an extended period, the series of murders at Gilgo Beach left the community grappling with fear and conflicting conjectures regarding the identity of the serial killer accountable for these atrocious acts. Ray Tierney, the Suffolk County District Attorney, expressed apprehensions about the suspect potentially becoming aware of their endeavors, compelling the authorities to take swift action and apprehend him on Thursday night.

Unraveling the Evidence and the Arrest

The breakthrough in the case came as a result of the dedicated work of a task force led by Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison. This task force, comprising county police detectives, sheriff’s office investigators, state police, and the FBI, reconvened in February 2022 to reignite the investigation.

No Bail and Continuing the Investigation

Through an extensive review of phone records and cooperation among multiple law enforcement agencies, investigators were able to trace the use of burner phones in connection to the suspect. This meticulous process involved narrowing down the records collected by cell towers to identify a handful of individuals who matched the physical description provided by a witness who had seen the alleged killer.

Further evidence was uncovered when investigators searched Heuermann’s computer. They discovered a disturbing internet search history consisting of over 200 searches related to the investigation. Additionally, the suspect’s searches included explicit and violent content depicting the abuse and murder of women, indicating a deeply troubling fascination.

No Bail and Continuing the Investigation

After his arrest, Heurman emotionally pleaded his innocence to court-appointed attorney Michael Brown, stating flatly that “I did not commit these acts” and that despite his pleas, Heurman was ordered to be held in custody if he cannot be imprisoned. He entered a not-guilty plea through his legal representative, and his next court appearance is scheduled for Aug,1.

As the investigation continues, the police are diligently searching Heuermann’s residence for further evidence related to the case. Heuermann, a father of two and a registered architect, has owned RH Consultants & Associates, an architecture and consulting firm based in New York City, since 1994.

Women Bound with Camouflaged Burlap

The remains of the Gilgo Four were discovered in the thick bushes along a quarter-mile stretch of Ocean Parkway in Oak Beach over a two-day period in 2010. The initial discovery of skeletal remains pertained to Melissa Barthelemy, an individual engaged in sex work, who was last seen in July 2009. Prior to vanishing, Melissa Barthelemy had confided in a friend, sharing her plan to meet an unknown individual.

On December 13, 2010, the remains of three additional women were unearthed. Maureen Brainard-Barnes, who advertised escort services on Craigslist and disappeared in June 2007, Amber Lynn Costello, who also advertised escort services and went missing in September 2010, and Megan Waterman, an escort who was last seen in June 2010 at a Holiday Inn Express in Hauppauge.

Gilgo Beach serial killing

According to District Attorney Tierney, these women shared striking similarities – they were buried in a similar fashion, at similar locations, and engaged in the same line of work. The killer attempted to conceal their bodies by wrapping them in camouflaged burlap, commonly used by hunters.


01. Who is the prime suspect in the Gilgo Beach serial killings?

Rex Heuermann, a New York architect, is the prime suspect in the Gilgo Beach serial killings. The accused individual is facing charges for the killings of three women and is also under investigation as a person of interest in relation to the vanishing and demise of another woman.

02. What evidence led to the arrest of Rex Heuermann?

Cell phone data, credit card records, and DNA testing played crucial roles in the arrest of Rex Heuermann. These pieces of evidence provided the necessary links connecting him to the murders.

03. How long did the Gilgo Beach serial killings case remain unsolved?

The Gilgo Beach serial killings case remained unsolved for over a decade, causing fear and confusion among the community. The recent arrest of Rex Heuermann marks the first significant breakthrough in the investigation.

04. What methods did the killer use to conceal the victims’ bodies?

The killer used camouflaged burlap to wrap and hide the bodies of the victims. This type of burlap, commonly used by hunters, aided in the concealment of the remains.

05. Is Rex Heuermann connected to other unsolved cases?

Presently, Rex Heuermann is a person of interest in the vanishing and fatality of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, a case dating back to 2007. Although he has not yet faced charges pertaining to her killing, the investigation is still in progress to ascertain any possible links.

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